5th Annual Inferno Scramble: Mississippi Golf Club   |   Friday June 23, 2023

Tournament Rules




  • Ladies play from the red markers (unlesss otherwise designated)
  • Men play from the white markers (unless other wise designated)


  1. A scramble means that all team members tee off on each hole and then decide which tee shot they like the best and mark the spot with a tee or ball marker.  Important:  Each team must choose at least 4 tee shots from each team member (ie: 2 tee shots from the first nine holes and 2 tee shots from the last 9 holes)
  2. The other team members pick up their balls and place them within one club length (no closer to the hole) of the marked spot. Each team member hits their next shot from the chosen spot.
  3. This procedure is followed on every shot for the remainder of the hole, including putts. The ball should be marked on the putting green.
  4. Putts need to be placed within 3 inches of the marked spot (no closer to the hole). The first ball to go in the hole is counted for the team score.
  5. You may lift, clean and place your ball within one club length on the selected shot; however, you may not move your ball out of a hazard (including bunkers), out of the rough, from the fairway or rough to the apron or from the apron to the green.
  6. Please turn scorecards in to the Tournament Director. Prizes will be awarded during the Awards Reception Dinner.


Optional Mulligans will be available for purchase at registration.  A Mulligan is a “Do Over” allowing you to re-take a shot with no stroke penalty.

  1. A Mulligan may only be used by the person that purchased it.
  2. A Mulligan may be used off a tee shot, fairway shot or a putt.
  3. A Mulligan may not be used in the process of winning any on course contest hole.


Note: Only the initial tee shot for each team member may be used to qualify for Hole-In-One/Longest Drives/Closest to the Pin/Closest to the Rope contests.  Mulligans may be used for subsequent shots on these contest holes.

  1. Hole-in-One - You only have one chance at the Hole-in-One prize on the designated hole. Due to the nature and magnitude of the prize involved, the designated witnesses must be present to validate the shot before it is attempted.
  2. Closest to the Pin - Your initial “tee” shot must be on the green to qualify. If you beat the existing closest to the pin put your name on the marker and move it to your ball location.
  3. Longest Drive - Your initial drive must be in the fairway to qualify. If your drive is in the Fairway and further than the longest drive marker, then put your name on the marker and move it to your ball location.
  4. Closest to the Rope - Your initial drive must be in the fairway to qualify. If your drive is in the Fairway and closer to the rope than the marker, then put your name on the marker and move it to your ball location.


  1. Please smooth all marks made in Sand Bunkers.
  2. Leave the putting green as soon as you have holed out.
  3. Do not play until the players in front of you are out of range.
  4. Balls may be cleaned on the green, and ball marks repaired prior to putting.
  5. Please observe all local course rules.
  6. Enjoy the day and your fellowship with other golfers!
11:00 AM Check-in Opens Check-in Desk
11:15 AM Practice Facility Available Putting Green / Chipping Green / Driving Range
11:15 AM Putting Contest Putting Green
12:00 PM Lunch Mississippi Clubhouse
12:30 PM Tee off from Hole #1 Mississippi Golf Club
05:30 PM Awards Reception and Dinner Mississippi Clubhouse Dining Room



11:00 AM

Start Time




Per Hole


Per Group

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